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ARKEN GOES DIGITAL - ZULUS 5-20x Day/Night Scope

[Arken Optics ZULUS
5-20x at night on a 700 action chambered in
5.56 for coyote hunting.]

The future is now and Arken Optics is expanding its range of products to offer you the new ZULUS digital scope at an affordable price. Why digital you may ask? Well it is more compact but still providing you image clarity up to 20x digital zoom. There are no moving parts so there is less to break. It can record video and audio to document your hunt and adventure. The ZULUS features a night time mode so you can see in the dark and there is an onboard infrared illuminator to help light up the night. But not top worry, it is invisible to the naked eye and your game.[Arken Optics ZULUS 5-20x on a Remington 700 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.]

With the Arken Optics app, you can control the scope remotely. You can even live view what the shooter sees so you can use it to teach new shooters and hunters.

With an 8 hour battery life on a single 18650 you won’t have to worry about the ZULUS turning off when you need it most. If you put the ZULUS into sleep mode your battery life gets even longer.

The Arken ZULUS features a one shot zero that is simple and easy to perform. You can store up to 26 different zeroes for different bullet weights and even different guns.

At an MSRP of just $599 you can upgrade your firearms with the Arken ZULUS without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned for more information on the ZULUS such as zeroing the reticle, setting up the scope and other tips and tricks to get the most out of it so you can enjoy your hunt.

“The image quality is amazing for how small the ZULUS is”


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