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Proper ARKEN ZULUS Eye Relief

For those of you who have purchased an Arken Zulus and those of you looking to purchase an Arken Zulus, you need to be aware of the eye relief. The eye relief of the Zulus is shorter than your typical day optic. Eye relief for the Zulus is just 45mm or 1.77 inches.
Be careful when using firearms with heavy recoil as your eye and face are closer to the Zulus than a regular day optic. Use proper discretion and recoil management if you need to use a heavy recoiling firearm.
The Arken Zulus comes with a rubber eye cup. It is just under 45mm in length. We recommend using the eyecup to help block outside light, making it easier to see the image produced by the Zulus. The eyecup also helps block the light from the eyepiece at night. But with respect to eye relief, the eyecup also acts as a quick reference for proper eye relief. When looking through and aiming with your Zulus, your face should just lightly touch a properly installed eye cup giving you the right amount of eye relief.

Thank you for supporting Arken Optics and we hope you enjoy your Arken Zulus to help you see the unseen. Let’s practice safe firearm usage so we can enjoy the outdoors more.

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